Tuesday, October 10, 2017

MISSING PARROT IN Grand Rapids, MI - Please Share

I know this isn't HP related, and I promise I'll be putting up new funnies for everyone soon, but a friend of mine lost her parrot Bender in the aftermath of a fire.

I am personally offering a Potter-themed reward if one of my readers finds him and gets him home*

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Hey all - My friend lost her home in a fire, and her beloved parrot is now missing. Her message:
“His name is Bender and he’s just over a year old. I lost him after I got him out of a house fire, because my neighbor gave me a shoebox to keep him and when I set it down to have my lungs checked out by firefighters the wind pulled the lid off and he flew away. He was lost on Louise St off of Kalamazoo Ave in Grand Rapids MI. He has all of his flight feathers. The best way of locating him is by kissy noises, which he usually mimics no matter who does it.”
From what I understand, she is also offering a $100 reward for his safe return. If you are in the Grand Rapids, MI area (or nearby) and find him, please email jenbowen602@gmail.com
Please share this post, especially if you live in Michigan.
* : Proof will be required in the form of Jen verifying your full name.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Why doesn’t anyone in the fandom talk about Sirius Black - Inventor Extraordinaire?

Seriously (heh) there’s a really good chance that Sirius invented:
  • A flying motorbike
  • A knife that opens any door
  • Magical Facetime (Mirrors that allow you to see the person’s face and talk to them.)
  • All of those weird trinkets and gadgets that they found in Grimmauld Place
Like everyone always says that Remus was the one who invented the Marauders Map because he was intelligent enough to figure out the components but my money is on Sirius.

Sirius staying up in the dormitory late at night, his hair pulled into a bun, chewing on his bottom lip, creating all of these magical devices.

And do you think it’s any coincidence that Fred and George’s inventions really took off after they spent a summer with Sirius? I don’t think so!

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Bad Ideas

Minerva McGonagall: Hiding the Sorcerer’s Stone in a school? Worst idea ever.

Albus Dumbledore: Do you know how many terrible ideas you’re not accounting for by saying that?

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